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[iOS] The color imaged the four seasons in Japan, "Wahoo Shooping List"


Do you not have it?
• Forget to buy it
• Useless shopping
I think "what I shall buy today" before shopping, but there is a thing when "I do undecisiveness and buy it for a product and do lapse of memory and useless shopping" when I arrive at the shop.

I made a plan of the shopping, and "Wahoo shopping list" aimed at "the tool" to have you live smart.
The color imaged the four seasons in Japan.

You register the product which you want to buy with a list.
You buy it by marking it at the time of the purchase and can get rid of lapse of memory.

You can reduce the useless shopping by confirming a total amount of money.
You combine a label with the name on the list and can manage a plan, a history, the name of the shop.

Please utilize "Wahoo shopping list" for realization of the life that you got of the harmony.

Support:iOS 5

Screen image:
• Shopping list screen

• Making screen of the shopping list

• Operation screen of the row

• Screen transition by the flick operation
san001-i-en-1.png <-> san001-i-en-4-2.png <-> san001-i-en-4-3.png <-> san001-i-en-4-4.png <-> san001-i-en-4-5.png

• The screen which inputs the name of the label

• Making of the shopping list (selectable from a history with a item name)
• Display a total amount of money
• Check at the time of the purchase
• Operation of the line
• Select / Cancel
• Copy (a clipboard / email, can copy it)
• Move
• Delete
• Sort (item name/ label)
• All line Delete

Basic operation:
"long tap" does a line and registers an item with "shopping list".
Can confirm a memo by pushing "Memo".
"double-tap" does a line and can select it.(usable as the mark that bought it.)
Can set the list name and the label name. (e.g., Set the list name on a date and make the shop name purchasing the label name.)

The number of the letters
List name, item name, label name: 50
Memo: 300
Numerical value
Price: 99,999,999 (decimal point input possibility)
Quantity: 99
The number of the histories of the item: 100
The number of the lists: 4
Rows: 30 (first time 15)
The number of the labels: 4
By the operation "Select All Rows" then select the row where information is input into.
After having cut down a non-input row of the list of the copying by the copying of the select row, Copy it.

• 1.3.0 - Dec 5, 2013
• Hint in the input field.
• Increased the number of characters.
List name, item name, label name: 50
Memo: 300
• Change the display contents of the row.
• Displays item information when the user presses the row.
• Display the currency unit.
• Email the selected line.
• Move the selected row.
• Sort (item name/ label)
• Date is in list name.
• Minor bug fixes.
• 1.2.2 - Nov 14, 2013
• Change Menu icon.
• Minor bug fixes.
• 1.2.0 Oct 31, 2013
• Supported iOS 7.
• 1.0.0 Oct 4, 2013


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